Education to promote mutual learning and knowledge integration

Education in climate change adaptation is scattered and uncoordinated within and between academic institutions in Switzerland and beyond. The Knowledge for Climate Network bundles available expertise from the partner institutions to develop inter and transdisciplinary  education material and courses in climate risks and adaptation climate change adaptation. We adopt a joint knowledge approach to allow for collaboration, mutual learning and knowledge integration.


Our Activities

Developing teaching resources

We are jointly developing teaching resources on climate change adaptation based on case studies conducted in all six countries. The cases cover a wide range of geographical, social, environmental and economical conditions, as well as different types of risks and impacts in urban and rural settings. Given their wicked nature, the cases require an analysis from several perspectives (e.g. ethics, natural sciences, social science) and a joint perspective, in line with the concept of joint knowledge production. 

Online and classroom learning

We pursue a blended learning approach involving both virtual technology and classroom teaching. We are currently developing an online platform to share our learning materials (case studies) and teaching notes. We have also started using our education materials in the classroom, which allows us to test and improve them with the support of our students. 

External Resources

We are interested in connecting knowledge, therefore we provide a list of external resources.