Understanding joint knowledge production in the context of climate adaptation

While experiences on joint knowledge production (JKP) are becoming more common over recent years,  there is still missing clarity how to design and implement such a process in the context of climate change adaptation. Using a selection of ongoing and concluded projects on climate adaptation along a trajectory from design to knowledge generation and dissemination, we will evaluate how these processes can be optimized when applying a JKP approach. We will design new methods (or adapt existing ones) to address the current limitations from co-design to co-dissemination; and we will implement the new approaches using a limited number of pilot studies in the partner countries. 

We aim to answer the following questions: 

  • To which extent are we (the network members) able to trigger, analyze and and improve successful and goal oriented JKP?
  • How does JKP best work in different contexts of climate change adaptation?


  • What are enablers and barriers to a successful JKP in adaptation planning and implementation?


  • How does JKP contribute to enhance learning and build the capacity of future generations in climate change adaptation?